Cost Control and Target Value Design

Our project team will forecast all monthly costs as well as weekly labor for tracking purposes.

Managing cost is key to success. We employ an experienced estimating staff that accurately calculates how much plumbing material and time will be needed to complete each job.


With a baseline already set within our QuickPen takeoff, we can use the information to establish cost trends for a project as a design is refined and/or the design team reviews value engineering options.

We are able to track a project’s progress almost daily as well as examine any so-called peaks and valleys  throughout the course of construction.


Corrections and adjustments can be easily made in a timely fashion. In the rare occasion when our leading indicators are trending negatively, we can have informed discussion with the entire construction team to implement corrections or contingencies. 


To help track project trends, we use a variety of management tools and processes to accurately and efficiently track and report on a project’s progress, in both the preconstruction and construction phases.

These tools consist of the following:

  • Submittal logs
  • Target Value Tracking Log
  • Equipment Procurement 
  • JWM Smartsheet Portal and Tracking 
    • Tasks
    • Design
    • Shop and fabrication drawings
    • Fabrication 
    • On time delivery and project system installation
    • RFI logs


We are dedicated to providing positive experience for our clients and employees.