LEAN Construction

We maximize value by reducing waste, so projects complete on time, within budget and with a safer work environment.

JWM embraces the concept of LEAN practices throughout the design and construction of a project, using our prefabrication and VDC implementation, strategies and investment. After the final coordinated design has been accepted, spooling (breaking up design into manageable pieces for installation) begins. 

We handle multiple projects at different phases and can maximize delivery bundles to differing locations, segregating carts and bins with a color-coded labeling system.

VDC, shop, and field all communicate by electronic notification to produce and receive timely deliverables to reduce waste.

New industry materials have become more universally accepted, which have significantly reduced labor installation (e.g., PEX, ProPress). Where applicable, factory fabrication is utilized to save material handling and lead times.


We are dedicated to providing positive experience for our clients and employees.