Earlier this year, we took a long, hard look at who we are, what we offer, and how we’re planning to embrace and facilitate the future of plumbing and piping, especially in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Through this process we realized our branding no longer best captured our true identity and that it was time for an overhaul.

A Reliable, Innovation Partner

Who are we today? We are an experienced company leading the way in the field of plumbing and piping. Innovative. Nimble. Community-minded.

Our mission: “Earn the trust of each customer, every time–even if we’ve been doing business together for years.”

By delivering innovative plumbing and piping solutions, we create opportunities to grow, learn and provide stability for our families and community.

Three words that characterize ourselves: Reliable. Innovative. Partner.

• We value honesty, integrity and professionalism
• We honor and respect our commitments
• We hold ourselves accountable to our values

• We are committed to investing in new technologies, software, products and materials
• We are a leader in transforming construction procurement sustainability, and community impact

• We always strive for strong relationships
• We provide an environment of trust, communication, and empowerment
• We do all that we can to achieve desired results

What’s In A Brand

As many may know, a brand includes the following components: brand identity, brand image, brand culture, and brand personality.

Brand Identity: This is the visual representation of our brand. The color, design, font and logo.

Brand Image: How the world (i.e., our clients, prospective clients, anyone who has heard of us) sees us. People’s perception of who we are (be it fact or simply perceived).

Brand Culture: Our attitudes and beliefs and how they inform decisions, behaviors and team members’ day to day experience.

Brand Personality: Our characteristics that define us, and subsequently our brand.

Branding a Plumbing and Piping Company

We are part of constructing buildings that are beautiful, audacious, and cutting-edge, especially when it comes to environmental sustainability. We wanted to showcase everything in a more elevated fashion, using a color palette that felt trusting and inviting, and a font that was bold and confident.

We have a rich history that we love to share through our timeline and we can do that in an interactive way.

As a plumbing and piping brand, it simply came down to featuring people, because that’s what we’re about. We see clients as partners, employees as family, and together we foster a community.

Just like we say on our website, we’re “shifting the perspective of plumbing . . .” and so we do that in the work that we do and, in turn, visually represent that through our brand identity.

Looking Back To Move Forward

In order to understand who we are today and where we want to go as a company, it’s important to know our past and what are the common threads to carry through in our brand story.

J.W. McClenahan has been around for (at the time of this post) 82 years. We began as Mac & Sons in San Francisco, where the Moscone Center is today. In 1951, we became J.W. McClenahan and moved to our current address in San Mateo.

Throughout we’ve helped build award-winning buildings and become early adopters in advances to plumbing and piping.

No longer specifically owned by the McClenahans, members of the family still hold prominence and part of our promise is to remain true to the legacy they began almost a century ago.

Messaging Our Core Values and Brand Pillars

As we had to update our visual branding, we revisited our messaging. Two things dictated how we talk about ourselves: our core values and our brand pillars. There is overlap, but these are points we don’t mind reiterating again and again. As the saying goes, repetition breeds familiarity.

Core Values

Curious: We are life-long learners and have a desire to build greater

Communication: This means listening as much as talking

Humbly Confident: We know what we know yet always remain open to learn and grow

Respectful: Exhibit care, concern and consideration

Will Make the Call: We’re about strategizing, not agonizing

Team First: We actively seek collaboration and inclusion regardless of department or discipline

Our brand pillars are descriptors that speak to the brand’s core. We keep these in mind for every touch point.


Our mission: “Earn the trust of each customer, every time–even if we’ve been doing business together for years.” In other words, always add value. Internally, we have our employees’ backs, give credit where credit is due, and facilitate career goals, keeping our turnover rate low and our company spirit high. Through consistency, integrity and complete commitment we show our clients and employees a level of reliability unmatched.


As early adopters of industry innovation, we integrate new materials, tools and techniques to a greater extent than our competitors. In turn, we inform GCs and developers about the latest and greatest in plumbing and piping solutions, which makes us influencers and deliverers of innovation in the field.


On every project, we don’t just get in and get out; our passion for engagement informs and influences and keeps us communicating well after the build is complete. We tend to our team with proper training and promotions and by nurturing their strengths. For our families and extended community, we provide stability and engage to improve the lives around us.


We are not just a vendor, we are a partner. For clients, employees and stakeholders alike, we build strong relationships and actively seek collaboration and inclusion. It is why our motto is “support beyond construction,” because we know teamwork is more than plumbing and piping solutions, or employee benefits packages. It’s coming together for a common purpose and vision, to take care of and look out for one another, and, ultimately, empower everyone to thrive.


Though confident, we don’t pretend to know what we don’t know. We check our egos at the door and are always open to learning and growing and treat everyone with respect. No matter our success, we stay humble, and we are honored to do what we do and provide the important infrastructure (in housing, government, health care and so on) in the regions we serve.

Elevating ‘JWM’

Since 1951 (we began in 1940) our name has been J.W. McClenahan, the name of our founder. As you can see in our logo, we have shortened our name to JWM and use it interchangeably. It feels fresh and modern and still honors our namesake.

Implementing the New Brand

Where will you see this new brand identity? Well, at every internal and external touch point. It’s amazing how many materials need to be redone with a new logo, new colors, font, graphics and so on, but it’s necessary for consistency and 100 percent worth it.

Here are some of the places you’ll see our new branding:
• Website
• Letterhead
• Business Cards
• Email Signature
• Truck Wraps
• Signage
• Hard hats
• T-shirts
• In-Office

What’s Next

We’re still working on case studies and more content to help prospective clients and employees know who we are and what we stand for, how we think and why we are so committed to embracing innovation in the world of plumbing and piping for both commercial and residential projects.

We are thrilled with our new look, and we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback both internally and externally. At the end of the day, we know that for our brand what matters most is we deliver on our promise of high-quality service and a team that is focused on partnership. We are in the plumbing and piping business, but our purpose is fulfilling the promise of making people’s lives better.

Improving lives shows up in the projects we do, from a healthcare facility (people’s wellness), to a prison (people’s protection), to a casino (people’s pleasure).

It shows up in how we treat the people who work for us, with respect and support and, wherever possible, by initiating and facilitating their professional growth.

Whether you’re a general contractor, a real estate developer or a potential employee, thank you for coming along on our branding journey.

About J.W. McClenahan

Since 1940, J.W. McClenahan (JWM) has delivered innovative plumbing and piping solutions. We provide outstanding service and empower our partners and employees to thrive. We innovate to move the industry forward, and mentor to excite the next generation. From the jobs we create to the partnerships we nurture to the buildings we help construct, we exist to improve people’s lives and extend the legacy of excellence established by our namesake. To learn more or to get a quote on your next project, send us a note and we’ll be in touch with you as quickly as possible.