Project Approach and Project Delivery Platforms

We work diligently to produce and participate in a collaborative atmosphere of trust, transparency and respect.

JW McClenahan has a long history of outstanding collaboration with a variety of project teams across multiple project delivery platforms. On any project, we work closely with the full project team, to ensure the highest quality of the design intent is met.

Our vast knowledge allows us to provide valuable input on system types, life cycle costs, construction methods and preliminary selection of equipment and budgets/pricing as a design is established and refined through value engineering and the design development process. We pride ourselves in being able to apply and grow on our experience.

We have participated in a wide range of IFOA, IPD, LEAN, LEED, BIM, design-build / design-assist, and plan and spec projects throughout Northern Nevada and California over the past 80 years, in multiple industries (e.g., commercial, biotech, health care, industrial, mix-use and multi- and single-family homes).

Our services are all inclusive, from early conceptual design through the generation of a complete coordinated 3-D model used for construction and closeout documentation.

As the engineer of record, we actively participate in the conceptual design, constructability and, finally, the construction of our systems and projects. 

Our project teams deliver systems that meet performance and financial requirements for our clients, and we work closely with the user groups and the owner to address both the wants and needs of the team, as well as prioritizing and managing expectations. 


We are dedicated to providing positive experience for our clients and employees.