Quality Control

Our Quality Control Program ensures stellar workmanship on every project, from pre-construction through completion.

Quality assurance and control is a major focus of JWM. Our QA approach emphasizes prevention versus fixing.

Many years ago the manufacturing industry moved from inspecting in quality to building in quality. This reduced the amount of rework required to deliver a final product. It requires that everyone in the process be responsible for producing a quality product. 

Through design review, constructability, estimating, value engineering, schedule and schedule management, our Project Manager, Superintendent, and Design Team are actively communicating and peer reviewing our deliverables and installation. They are trained and familiar with the requirements of each system being designed and installed and have full authority and responsibility to maintain and oversee our quality control program. Only experienced, competent, certified, and properly equipped workers will work on a project. Employees with less experience will work alongside experienced and qualified personnel for direction and quality control.


We are dedicated to providing positive experience for our clients and employees.