Our firm’s motto, embossed on every hard hat, vest, jacket, shirt, mug, is “Safety First.” Every employee is empowered, from day one, to work safely. We believe that employee safety and health is the most important part of our business. We have experienced that implementing a safety culture improved production and quality. No job is so important or urgent that we cannot take the time to perform it safely.

We strive to provide a healthy and safe workplace for all employees. To achieve this goal, we require the cooperation of each employee. All managers, supervisors and employees are responsible for carrying out the Company’s Safety Program; they are encouraged to actively participate in the execution of this program and to report any unsafe practice or condition to their supervisor, to the Safety Department, or to the President of the Company without fear of reprisal.

Our safety department is available 24/7. We are proud of our Experience Modification Rate being well below average and consistently so. It currently is 0.74. All field personnel are safety trained and attend weekly documented tailgate meetings. All foreman and management staff receive reoccurring training in fall protection, confined space training, heat illness prevention, crystalline silica, trenching and excavation, competent person, OSHA10,OSHA30, and CPR. Our safety committee with representation for all work categories share ideas and advice from projects and other contractors. Our Safety Director, Tom Kelly, looks out for each employee and provides/shares his experience and knowledge to all project team member, owners, and GCs.


We are dedicated to providing positive experience for our clients and employees.